About Us

We are a group of people/volunteers working to open a cooperative grocery store at 494 N. Wilson Ave in Pasadena. We're a legal cooperative, incorporated as a California Consumer Cooperative Corporation. Our board meets once a month (watch for announcements for date/time). To read details of how we're structured, download our bylaws (PDF).



With a consumer food cooperative store, we can offer more organic products than conventional stores. Compared to the large health food stores we'll buy in smaller quantities so we can develop relationships with local sources and offer a greater variety of fresh products from nearby. We can devote more attention to improving our sustainable offerings since this will be a big part of our mission.


Our small grocery store can offer wholesome bulk items, fresh produce and everyday staples at reasonable prices. Convenience foods, made with SLO (Sustainable/Seasonal Local Organic) ingredients can also be available. A good sized co-op can save us time and money by not having to travel into Pasadena (or beyond) for sustainable products. Everyone will be welcome to shop there.


Our food co-op can act as a learning center for sustainable living - a way to connect to others in our area that are looking for new ways to live a more green lifestyle. Buying from a co-op can be the best way to vote for a better world with our grocery dollars. With a community room we can hold classes, meetings and social events. With a kitchen we can offer honest and satisfying convenience foods plus process neighborhood produce. All this will also give a few of our neighbors decent jobs.


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