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Zak Berrie, President, Appointed August 2013
Recently joined the Arroyo Food Cooperative's Board of directors after several years as a member and volunteer. Zak's professional background is in information technology. He acts in an advisory capacity for large corporate clients to build and maintain large scale information systems. His commitment to the cooperative corporation model comes from an understanding of how corporate systems can be used to solve real world problems while in service of their shareholders. Zak's specific interest in cooperative grocery stems from his belief that food is the foundation of our society and that the many issues around food that are present today must dealt with if we are to move forward on many related health, environmental and social justice issues.

Tricia Keane, Elected May 2013
Tricia Keane is a combination of backyard farmer, locavore, and land use and development attorney, who firmly believes that food that is both healthy for us and the environment should be accessible to everyone. Tricia has been a part of the Arroyo Food Co-op since early 2011. She was elected to the Board of Directors in May 2011 and currently serves as the lead of the Bricks & Mortar Team. Originally from Ohio, Tricia moved to California in 1998 to attend law school at UCLA and eventually made her way to Pasadena in 2002. She has been active in the local community for years, and regularly volunteers her time for issues that are near and dear to her heart, such as animal rights and welfare and the empowerment of women and youth throughout our communities. Tricia is also a member of the Board of Directors of the YWCA of Greater Los Angeles. In her free time, Tricia gets outside as much as possible, and you may have seen her running and running and running all over the Pasadena and Altadena areas.

Laura Floom Manning, Elected May 2013
Laura Floom Manning was born in the UK, but immigrated to the Los Angeles area as a small child, and has lived here since. She joined the co-op in July of 2010 and soon started volunteering. She joined the membership committee, and then started taking over the bookkeeping tasks. In early in 2011 she was appointed to the board and then in May she was voted in for a two year term. Laura has a BS in Business Administration (Accounting - Information Systems) from CSUN, and an MS in Computer Science from Loyola-Marymount. After graduation she worked as software engineer at several companies, including ten years at JPL. She left the workforce in 1993 after the birth of her second child. She home schooled both of her children, who have now left for college. In the mid-70s Laura took a year off from college to work for the United Farm Workers. She started out working as a volunteer for the "Yes on 14" campaign that would have strengthened the rights of Farm Workers. After the election she joined them full time and was the office manager/bookkeeper for the Los Angeles Boycott office. She feels strongly about local control and sourcing of our food and fair trade issues. She also started volunteers at Ten Thousand Villages, one of the world’s oldest and largest fair trade organizations.

Joe Masiero, Secretary, Elected May 2013
Joe is staff scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, and has lived here since October 2009. Originally from New Jersey, he studied astronomy as an undergraduate at Penn State University and got his Ph.D. in the same field from the University of Hawaii's Institute for Astronomy in September 2009. Joe has previously served on the Board of Directors for Wisdom Factors International, a non-profit organization in Hawaii aiming to wise up the world. Joe has been involved with the Arroyo Food Co-op since October 2010 when he met with members tabling at the Victory Park Farmer's Market and was drawn in. He was elected to the Board of Directors for the Arroyo Food Co-op in May 2011 and is currently leading the IT Team. Joe has a passion for fresh, local food, and envisions the Co-op as a way bring good food to the people of Altadena and Pasadena (and beyond!) while building community and neighborliness. Joe's hobbies include cooking, hiking, and playing the bagpipes.

Blair Miller, Treasurer, Elected May 2012
Blair is a recent transplant to Pasadena from the Bay Area. She has a degree in City and Regional Planning and has worked in the field of urban redevelopment, including affordable housing, transit-oriented infill housing, and urban improvement projects such as Parklets, bicycle infrastructure, and public art. Her most recent position was as a Project Manager for Oakland's Redevelopment Agency. In the Bay Area, Blair was also involved as a volunteer coordinator for Walk Oakland Bike Oakland, a board member for East Bay Housing Organizations, and with Oakland Grown, a group that promoted patronage of local, independently-owned businesses. She has also been a canvass director for an environmental and consumer non-profit. Blair was elected to the Board of the co-op in May 2012 and she is currently leading the Bricks and Mortar team. Her interest in the co-op comes from a passion for local, organically grown produce and the desire to spend her money locally where possible. Blair is also involved in Pasadena's C.I.C.L.E. bicycling advocacy group and the Pasadena Area League of Women Voters.

Patrick Reagan, Elected May 2012
The guy that started the Arroyo Food Co-op, Patrick got his start on the coast of New Hampshire. He attended the Rochester Institute of Technology to study photography and business management. A few jobs took him around the country - at one point to Seattle where his main grocery source was the Puget Consumer's Co-op. But it was the lure of show business that brought him to Southern California. The Walt Disney Company hooked him for 14 years for animation production management projects and later the design of software for those projects. Now a software consultant, Patrick develops database application software for a number of companies. Food, social rationality, community and environmental issues drive him to make the Co-op happen. It's the memory of that wonderful co-op in Seattle, and the dearth of sustainable grocery store options in our area, that keeps him going.

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