Our Plan

It's been said that a community has only one chance in a generation to form a co-op. We don't want to blow ours. So we're trying to do everything right.

Here's a list of our current activities and past accomplishments:

What We're Working On Now:

1) A member loan campaign.

2) Securing outside financing.

4) Building out our site at 494 N. Wilson Ave.

5) Hiring employees, stocking the shelves, and opening the doors.


1) Selected a site: 494 N. Wilson Ave.

2) Hired a General Manager

3) A professional market survey.

4) Membership Campaign

5) Held our first annual member meeting in May 2010.

6) Elected our board.

7) Held a volunteer orientation meeting in November 2009 to form task-specific teams. These teams have since been established and are making progress on their goals.

8) Formed a basic Founding Team that got us through the above steps and more.

9) Written our membership agreement and had this also reviewed by our legal team. This is currently available on our site.

10) Written bylaws, and had them reviewed by our legal team, in preparation for forming our board.

11) Drafted Articles of Incorporation, had them reviewed by a legal team and sent them to the Secretary of State for filing. Incorporation status will allow us to open a bank account so that we can cash owner memberships checks and be ready to accept grants and loans.

12) Held social events, parties and a community meeting, plus tabled at a number of other events, to begin to spread the word about our Co-op.

13) Made a rough estimate of the area's market potential — statistically, the greater Altadena/Pasadena area meets the requirements for supporting a co-op.

14) Settled on a name.

15) Researched corporate structures and selected the best one for our purposes — the California Consumer Cooperative Corporation.

16) Researched membership structures that other cooperatives follow and selected the details best suited to our needs — a simple approach which allows members to immediately invest to their limit or start off with a small amount.

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