Get Involved

Here's how you can help the Arroyo Food Co-op reach our goals!

Events, Tablings, and Meetings

Attend a Meeting

If you have the time and skills, then please take on a task. The first step is to attend one of our meetings. Office Hours are held at least one evening each month (check the calendar above for location). Team meetings are held on various days throughout the month. Board meetings are held on the first Saturday of every month. Watch for meeting announcements for details.

Volunteer to Table

Come check us out. Say hi, learn what we're doing, and see how easy it it to reach out to the community at one of our tabling events! If you'd like to volunteer, click here to add your name to our sign-up sheet

Attend a Social Event

We regularly have some kind of social event to talk food, taste food, and meet others interested in bringing our cooperative to life, oftentimes meeting at local coffee shops and taverns around the area. Join us at our next event or at our informal "Office Hours" (check the calendar above for times and locations). Announcements for these go out to everyone registered on our site.


Please register on this web site. This will allow you to post comments and forum entries. All of this activity will encourage us to invest more effort in these pages. You'll also be automatically signed up to receive email copies of blogs and forum posts. (Manage your emails in the "My Account" area.)

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